Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Boycott? Gurl, Please.

AndyGraphic in response to this.

I'm not going to "boycott" the Emmerich film for several reasons, here are two:

1) A boycott won't achieve a good result--it won't lead to more numerous, more accurate films about LGBTQ; a failure at the box office won't be seen as a boycott, just a lack of a market for "those kinds of films."

2) I won't criticize a film I haven't seen, so if I want to have an opinion and be able to constructively address the film, I have to see it.

The studios, even the independent ones, don't have Ideological Purity or Historical Accuracy Departments. They do have Accounting Departments. If the box office earnings are bad, those studios will simply pull back from funding, buying, distributing films about us, and not dig deep into why the numbers were so low.

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