Monday, June 17, 2013

The Accidental Pornographer

"And alas, nowhere is the corporatization and commodification of our discourse more evident than in the online commons’ black-and-white treatment of human sexuality. The rise of the privately-held, terms-of-service-governed internet has cultivated a binary view of sex, in which all content is divided into two categories: porn and not-porn. As a result, I can have a G-rated profile on Facebook, and/or an X rated one on Fetlife. But you will not see overlap between those. No one on Fetlife talks about their kids or their day at work, no more than anyone on Facebook talks about putting on a leather pony costume and playing giddyup in the local dungeon on a Saturday night. On Fetlife, you post pictures of your genitals, but not of your face (lest a cousin or co-worker stumble across your profile, presumably), and on Facebook…well, it’s called Facebook, not Assbook."

More here.

(Photo collage by me.)

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