Monday, March 04, 2013


"Aware that the GOP won't deal, a report says the president's determined to take control of the House in 2014:

"Democrats would need to turn 17 House seats blue to take control. History stands against them: it is exceptionally rare for an incumbent president’s party to gain seats in the House in the mid-term election of a second term. They’d also have to overcome an aggressively gerrymandered Congress; Democratic congressional candidates won some 550,000 more votes than Republican candidates in 2012, and that still was not enough to win a majority of seats."

So, please, can we put all of the "Hillary 2016" talk on the back burner until December 2014, and instead work hard to get Obama a Congress that can make the second term as successful as possible? It would, after all, make it easier to elect a Democrat in the next presidential election if these next few years are effective ones.

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