Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stranger at the Gates

The people who end up under the bus are those who don't act. Let's not overreact, but let's ACT.

Don't like what Gates said? Say so:

Capitol Hill Switchboard number (202) 224-3121

White House Switchboard number (202) 456-1111


Anyone can just sit around and complain, or worse, throw up his or her hands and give up. How does that get us anything? We elected Obama and gave the Democrats larger majorities in both houses of Congress. Give them some feedback, now.

Time to step up, folks; flex your muscle, or you'll lose it. Consider it a test, a trial balloon. If Congress and the WH are flooded with responses, you might not end up under the bus after all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blast from the Past

"'I think we will look back in 10 years' time and say we should not have done this but we did because we forgot the lessons of the past, and that that which is true in the 1930's is true in 2010. I wasn't around during the 1930's or the debate over Glass-Steagall. But I was here in the early 1980's when it was decided to allow the expansion of savings and loans. We have now decided in the name of modernization to forget the lessons of the past, of safety and of soundness," - Senator Byron L. Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota, November 5, 1999.
(via Sullivan)