Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Comes Early...

When People Ask "Why Do They Hate Us?"

... just show them this.

Better Late Than Never

Now, can he just die 4201 times?

Quote of the Day

"The organization No On 8 failed us. Before the TV ad war started, we were up 14-17 points in the polls. Then No On 8 spent some $37 million of your money to spam the California airwaves with really lousy ads, while the other side spent a similar amount to spam the California airwaves with ads that were, whatever else they may have been, effective. While the bad TV ads were not the only component of our loss (last-minute preaching from the pulpits was a factor), had our ads been good ads, we would have held onto our lead. And producing those mind numbingly expensive ads (which I and many others publicly criticized as they were airing) was one piece of the war that No On 8 had 100% control over. The moment has arrived to extend a gigantic thank you to the Yes on Prop 8 folks, to the Roman Catholic bishops, to the Knights of Columbus, to politicized fundamentalist Christians and, most especially, to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka The Mormons, since they funded half of the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. We have now indeed entered Activism 4.0 or whatever the hell you want to call it. Our 'leaders' let us down and you -- you, the average gay or lesbian citizen who just wants to have equal rights and maybe even get married -- you have seized power by using Facebook and your blogs, e-mail and Twitter, MySpace and text-messages to launch a new gay movement -- A movement that got gay and lesbian Americans to stage simultaneous protests two days ago in hundreds of American cities and towns. Wow. You don't have to listen to the gay 'leaders' who failed you anymore, you don't have to give them any more money, you just have to figure out what you want to do next with the power that now is yours -- to get what you want: Full equality. I am intensely eager to see your next steps. It is an exciting time indeed. The purely legal groups in our movement do heroic work every day, so my diatribe tonight is not an across-the-board assault on every non-grassroots gay entity. My diatribe is aimed at No On 8, the forces in our movement that shaped No On 8/EQCA's mindset on this campaign, and the entities in our movement that persuaded or cajoled No On 8 to proceed as it did -- even as so many other voices were telling them over and over, 'You're screwing this up.'" -- Rex Wockner

President Cooties

Huck, You!

One for the "You've Got To Be F-ing Kidding" file.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Friends We Need, Post-Prop 8 Edition

Action Alert: Saturday November 15

A rally in Seattle to protest the Proposition 8 vote in California and to support marriage equality will be held at Volunteer Park starting at 10:30am. This is a timed event with synchronized events going on across the country. Then there will be a march to Westlake Center.

There is also an event in Spokane at the same time.

Washington State organizing page
Facebook Group
Official Website

Schadenfreude Watch

Say it isn't so, Joe.

Friday, November 07, 2008

WeHo, We Have a Problem

Rod 2.0 relays disturbing reports of racist taunts against black gay men at the West Hollywood protests of the passage of Proposition 8.

Please, fellas, can we wait a while before assembling the Leftist Circular Firing Squads?

(Confidential to Dan and Andy--guys, please: blame won't fix this, only outreach will.)

The Downside of Election Day 2008