Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rosanne Contrition

"I deeply regret that I have offended gay people. I said things that I donot really mean, before I had thought them through... I was wrong and Iseriously apologize! Call me up today and let me have it! I will apologize and try to make clearwhat I really meant to say... which was that everybody needs to unite right now,and step outside of their own neighborhoods, groups, races and classes to stopBush's war on our country and our people. I love gays and I hate division. I amjust a big idiot with a big mouth sometimes. I will learn to be more careful!Please forgive me, I am so sorry!!!! The leaders of gay groups need to align with the leaders of Acorn, and othergroups of poor and desperate Americans and fight against those who oppress allof us! I have met too many gays who are Republicans, and I cannot understand howthey could choose that! Let's all leave our own bedrooms, kitchens, neighborhoods and groups andmeet each other to form a diverse army that stands for Democracy and EconomicJustice!!!! (Again I apologize for any pain or hurt I have caused those whom I havealways loved and befriended)."
-- Roseanne Barr

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