Friday, March 09, 2007

Three Hundred

I'm not one to criticize a movie before I've seen it--it seems a weak, unfounded basis for complaint. (I found it infuriating when whole groups of religious folk categorically cried for Scorcese's blood for making The Last Temptation of Christ without ever seeing the film.) If people asked me what I thought of Mel Gibson's Jesus flick, The Passion of The Christ, I would explain what I had heard about the film from critics and pop-culture commentators whose opinions I trusted, but said I couldn't comment on the film itself because I had no desire to pay money to see what I had heard was basically a Xtian Snuff Film. I haven't caught it on cable yet, and still don't feel any need to. All that has been said seems to have been said on the subject.

Today, the new film 300 opens in theaters. I am very nervous about how the filmmakers whose target audience is likely to be teen/twentysomething white heterosexual men who crave copious amounts of almost balletically choreographed violence, how they will treat one of the most famous battles in history--and how it would treat the homoerotic or same-gender sexual issues of the period.

I certainly am realistic about what focus-group-ruled Hollywood is going to do with history, accuracy, and white privilege. But after reading troubling early word on the movie, I'm concerned the situation may be far worse. But I won't comment farther until I've seen it myself.

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